Chinese copies of Low Vision Magnifiers from Germany


There has been alot of talk in the low vision community about the Chinese copies of German low vision torch/stand magnifiers and how the copies rate.

The Chinese copies are offered by Kuafu International and BriVision both Chinese companies belonging to a Mr Cheng Gang from Wuhan. The Chinese copies are heavily promoted by a few companies under the brand names of Riezen, Mattingly etc.

The general concensus is identified below

  • The Chinese copies are cheap
  • The copies do not measure up for the following reasons
  1. Optical inconsistancy
  2. Mechanical defects on battery mechanisms
  3. Lack of options for light control (in general)
  4. Large quantities that need to be purchased
  5. Misleading information on orders and confirmations
  6. Problems with replacements on faulty goods
  7. Very bad presentation for retail

While they are cheap and serve a purpose in some markets they are below par when compared with European models they copied.