3.5" Electronic Magnifier


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The Portable Handheld Electronic Magnifier is a magnification device designed to fit in the palm of your hand. This new design Magnifier has a 3.5 inch LCD screen for viewing, it has a 3 hour rechargeable battery and the most important feature is the unit magnifies your vision area from 2-32 times.

It is ideal for reading books, magazines, price tags, newspaper articles, menus, medicine bottles, bills or anything with small print.
Main features are

1. High-definition (sharp) pictures – no blurring
2.Picturestorage: Built in memory with 32GB TF card storage.
3. Precise screen freezing: touch a button to freeze screen
4. Supplemental lighting with two concealed LED lightproviding supplement lighting in a dark environment
5. Sleep mode: Automatically switchesoff after 15minutes
6. TV-OUT cable that connects to the TV for bigger screen area
7.Built-insupporting stand to allow hands free use

8. Handy size and weight, can easily be carried in a coat pocket, purse and handbag or even around the neck on a lanyard
9. Driver free flash disk: when connected to computer with a USB, you can check the pictures or text message on the TF card
10.High definition 3.5inch LCD Screen





2X, 4X, 7X, 12X, 15X, 24X &  32X

Multiple display mode

Full color, black and white, negative imagine, high contrast

Screen lock function


Display screen size

3.5 inch

Screen resolution

QVGA(320   X 240)

Screen type


Screen luminance

250 cd/m2

Built-in battery capacity

3.7v 1050mA/H

Battery charge life

About 3 hours

Battery charging time

2.5 - 3 hours

LED full-in light system


Product size

110(L) X 73(W) X 15(H)mm




Mini USB plug, DC 5V, 500mA (included)