iView 5" Portable Electronic Magnifier


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The integrated design of arc reading handle,foldable writing stand, and handle’s intelligent opening function, reflects 5inch handheld video magnifier’s individualization . With righthand holding the handle, the user can spare his left hand to do other activities.



Product Specifications

• 5-inch widescreen LCD • 2.2x -25x continuous zoom • Focus:Auto focus • TV Out:PAL/NTSC • Power saving mode: the unit will turn off automatically after inactivity for 3minutes • Easyflip-out handle with writing function • Fastreading with no blur • Chargingtime: About 5 hours • Functions:Freeze image, Switch color mode, Zoom in/out • Settingssaved after power-off • Lightingfunction • Batterylevel indicator?Positive • Lightweightdesign at 230g. • Battery: rechargeable lithium battery 4 hours continuoususe • Accessories:user manual, AC power adapter, short strap, protective case, video output cable • Operationand storage conditions:

Humidity<70% Temperature: 10-40? • 10high-contrast colour viewing modes (3 favorite color modes)

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